Friday, October 24, 2008

TDA Blitz 2008.10.24

Back from the brink, TDA Training is back. We're looking to set a new traffic record here, thanks to you, our voracious readers. Thanks are due, and the check's in the mail! Just kidding about the check. I have, as you can probably tell, rediscovered my love of writing for you, and so begins this weeks TDA Blitz!

  1. Ikigai|Blogging the Martial Way
    My newest MA blog discovery Ikigai|Blogging the Martial Way! What does that mean? Not sure (actually, see here), but it's one of the best-written blogs that I've read in a long time. Matthew Apsokardu, the author, is a long-time contributor to the Convocation of Combat Arts, and a 3rd Dan in Kenpo and Kenpo Kobudo. It has been a pleasure discovering his site, and I hope you check it out. Incidentally, I have added him to our blogroll and so on.
  2. Mr. Charles James has linked to a great book recommendation (I'll take his word for it): Choosing Civility: The Twenty-five Rules of Considerate Conduct by P. M. Forni. Thanks Charles! See, it's working already...
  3. Jiu-jitsu Sensei Lori O'Connell has a good post on 15 Personal Safety Tips for Runners. Some of my favorites:
    7. Run against the traffic so that you can observe approaching vehicles.
    9. Avoid wearing headphones; You need to be aware of your surroundings.
    13. Rely on your intuition concerning suspicious persons or areas. Respond to your intuition and avoid any person or area that feels unsafe to you.
  4. Nice wrist lock video
  5. Dojo Rat post the First 100 Things To Leave The Shelves on what you need to prepare for an emergency. It's a great list, and a good idea for everyone. Pat posted something like that a while ago, but I can't find it. If you can let me know in comments, I'll update here.
  6. Congratulations to Pat at Mokuren Dojo for reaching 1000 posts! As you probably know, Mokuren is must reading for me, and has been a favorite for a long time now. Pat reached the millennial milestone on September 22, and briefly mentioned it in a chat we had a little while later. Mokuren Dojo has been remarkably consistent since 2006, and has posted about 40 times a month in the last couple of years. My routine has been all over the Hug from a lionplace, from a high of 98 to a low of 7 during the same period, so I know how hard that is. What's more, the post quality is always high, and there's something interesting for everyone, whether you're in Aikido, Judo, or just like bad martial arts movie dialogue. Head over and congratulate him in his comments.
  7. Improving the Ultimate Fighter From the Eyes of a Fight Fan at Bloody Elbow seems like good advice to me. I've stopped watching the show because of the shenanigans, and I think a lot of others have too. Haven't their ratings taken a dive in the past couple of seasons? H/T: Steve
  8. Watch this Amazing film of a hug from a lion for you big cat lovers. The whole article is great. Click the picture to Watch!
  9. The MH-53 Pave Low helicopters have flown their last combat mission. Via Blackfive.
  10. Finally, Low Tech Combat has his own Google Gadget! What a geek. [Yo, uh, Adam, now how do I get me one of those?]

Have a great weekend, and enjoy your training!

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