Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Todays TDA Tip: Practice is Important!

One point that was common to all the instructors at the recent Karate College seminar weekend I attended: repetition is key to being able to actually apply any technique. The robber made the mistake of thinking the gun in his pocket was enough to successfully pull off a hold-up. The issue was that he wasn't prepared to use it, and his fumbling telegraphed the weapon and his intent. Did the clerk do the right thing?

I have always taught that skill is only earned through rep. Take a technique, make sure it's correct, the drill, drill, drill until it becomes part of your repertoire and is built into your muscle memory. The danger of martial arts training is the false confidence that comes from learning a lot of techniques, but few skills. Don't just learn it - earn it!

H/T: Of Arms and the Law

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