Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Todays TDA Tip: Improve your stickfighting

Not what you think. Watch this.

I love this video because it shows the improvement and mastery that can result from "play." As a kid and young adult, I was always kicking and punching, spinning and ducking, bobbing and weaving. I annoyed the heck out of family and friends, but that's why I became very proficient. Adding a weapon like a stick or knife shouldn't change that habit. When you have nothing to do, twirl your stick, rap or slash an imaginary attacker. Tear apart a dead tree in the woods with your oldest sparring stick. Use your foam stick on the bag. Imagining is also called visualization, and can be key to your success in any martial art, or life itself. Have fun!

Via: Straight to the Bar

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Patrick Parker said...

Pretty cool vid. youre right - not what I expected. here's what it reminded me of...


or even...

Nathan Teodoro said...

Great clips. I love that Tiger Nike commercial. He's an amazing athlete.