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Best Bar Fight Scene, Part Tres!

Mio nome รจ Nessuno, Il

Released: 1973

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Mio nome è Nessuno, Il

Terence Hill, Jean Martin, Karl Braun, Steve Kanaly, Neil Summers, Mario Brega,

I saw this as a kid, loved it! Pat commented on my Best Bar Fight Scene post and pointed to a scene from another Terence Hill flick called My Name is Trinity, I think, that was always one of my favorites. In both, his character is a dirty, grimy, rude, antihero, a trademark of director Sergio Leone, who also directed Clint Eastwood's classics in the spaghetti western genre. Quite a contrast to Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, or Gary Cooper! If you can rent this one, do it. You'll love it!

I decided to avoid posting the embedded video here due to the content [Parental advisory: content], but click the image to go to YouTube.



 My Name Is Nobody bar scene

Interesting facts (via Wikipedia):

  • According to and IMDB, this was "also known as Il mio nome è Nessuno and Lonesome Gun."
  • The film was Henry Fonda's final western (didn't know that one!)
  • It was actually directed by Tonino Valerii, but Leone gets the credit
  • It has a runtime of 111 minutes for the TCM print, and 117 minutes outside of America.

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