Saturday, May 03, 2008

TDA Blitz 2008.05.02

Ready? Here goes!

  1. True Karate works! "If the smallest adult in your dojo cannot use a technique (despite diligent, longterm practice), then something is wrong. Some of the greatest Karate masters were barely 5 feet tall and only 120 pounds. They had something other than sheer strength. Their Karate was not size dependent." - Sensei Charles Goodin
  2. Via RossTraining, an inspiring video. If he can do it, so can you!
  3. Thanks to Marks for the compliments. This man KNOWS what he's talking about! Heh. He is right about Mokuren Dojo, though - it should be on you "must read" list.
  4. A couple of our fellow MA bloggers have posted about the upcoming Iron Man flick. I've mentioned before how exciting it is that the comics that I loved as a kid have now come to life. The special effects have caught up to our imaginations now, and, as long as Hollywood keeps the writing and acting standards high for these comic book adaptations, they'll have hits for years to come. I also can't wait for the Will Smith anti-hero, Hancock. It looks really funny.
  5. Reuters has a story on Kassim "The Dream" Ouma, a former child soldier from Uganda. It's a good read.
  6. Charles Goodin on Nice vs Tough, "When I get new students, I am always very happy to find nice ones. Sometimes I find tough ones. I always say that it is easier to make a nice student tough than it is to make a tough student nice. When a nice student learns Karate, you can be pretty sure that he or she will only use it for self-defense. With a tough student, you have to constantly emphasize restraint."
  7. Fight Geek has created some Free Round Timers for your iPod. A great idea! I remember years ago, I was among the few who actually had a round time (in the early 80s), and my sparring partner used a stopwatch and tape recorder (remember those?) to create rounds - he put two or three minutes of music, followed by 60-seconds of silence. It worked. Now you can do the same with Fight Geek's cool download. Try it!
  8. Patrick Parker, "I've heard it said that there are no advanced techniques or concepts in aikido - just skilled students practicing the fundamentals in a very advanced way."
  9. John Lott on "Gun Free Zones." Via Of Arms and the Law.
  10. 4 Reasons Boxers Need Blogs - should apply to all of us though, eh?

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