Friday, May 02, 2008

Another Best Bar Fight Scene

OK - the Convocation discussion on the best bar fight scene made me think about this some more (see the first post, Best Bar Fight Scene), and I've come up with another. The reason I like the other one (Norris in Code of Silence) so much is that it actually seems realistic - his gun gets taken away, he kicks the crap out of a few guys, then the 20+ guys in the bar work together and he's done for. I like this Above the Law clip because it simply showcases Aikido so well, and was the first and best Seagal film - and one of the best martial/action movies ever, in my humble opinion. Watch the bar scene at 2:24. Language warning.

You may not have noticed that Tom Muzila, a very accomplished martial artist is the first guy taken down in the bar, for his disrespectful comments about Nico's niece. Don't do that!

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Dojo Rat said...

"Above The Law" is definately the best of Seagal's films.
No fancy unrealistic Chuck Norris jump spin Hollywood specials. Just nice Aiki and smash-and-bash.
And the best part is that the plot paralelled the Iran-Contra affair of the Reagan era, with Oliver North types bringing Cocaine into the US to support covert ops-- Above The Law--
Seagal is notoriously hard on his stuntmen, something that got him choked out by old "Judo" Gene LeBell. Seagal also ran with some underworld and intel guys, which is what contributed to the plotline in this movie.

Rick Fryer said...

A cop goes into a bar and starts beating the hell out of everybody... Where does Seagal think he is? Chicago?

Seriously though, My favorite part of this movie is the opening credits where Seagal demonstrates Akido tactics in a Japanese dojo. Very Cool.

I also like the grocery scene... The bad guys come in to rob the store for about $200 and Seagal ends up doing $2,000 worth of damage. Classic.