Wednesday, January 02, 2008

TDA New Years Blitz

More shameless self-promotion: Rick from Kicks Boxes has joined forces at TDA Training! Don't worry, the Kicks Boxes blog will still be around, but he'll be hanging out with us here. Also, I have added the Martial Arts TopList "Rate this Blog" widget to the sidebar. Check it out (Hint, hint). Seriously, if you have feedback for improvements, please let us know via email.

Mokuren Dojo is now hosting Carnival of Martial Arts #5! TDA had the honor in December, and the torch has now passed with only a few burns. Patrick Parker is again showing his commitment to the martial arts blogging community and readers by sharing his precious blog real estate with you. Partake of his gift. If you are an MA blogger, submit a post by January 19 for inclusion. It's easy, free, and gets you exposed! I mean gets you exposure! I mean, it gives your blog some publicity!

The Crime: Information and Prevention blog is now Crime Information. For some of the best crime prevention and self-defense tips, check out this site. The author, Ronin, has also given me good advice in the past on blogging, pagerank, and so forth, which has come in handy. Seems like a lot of MA bloggers are moving over to WordPress. Hmmmm.

Head over to Steve's BJJ Log and watch the trailer "Walking to the Cage," on an upcoming feature-length documentary on MMA. It may change your perceptions of MMA fighters in general, but of their motivations in particular. I can't wait to check it out.

Striking Thoughts has an excellent post on the nature of ki, Dim Mak, and the supernatural in the martial arts. Head over and read it.

This has all the components of a freaky Hollywood drama. It combines MMA (the hottest new sport), a love triangle, domestic violence, perversion, nudity, and cleanliness. Read at your own risk.

Great new link: Jiu-Jitsu Technique Videos, "Jiu-Jitsu Technique is the ultimate resource for fighting the best jiu-jitsu technique videos on the net" is a decent description of this new site. It's a compendium of free video and instruction on BJJ. Check it out!

Joel had some good comments, to which we responded, on our post, Best body-punch knockouts! We dealt there with the effects of, and targets for, body punches.

Head over to and watch the bouts at the All-Army Combatives Tournament. There is embedded video of the finals of every weight division. I like the way they've given us the entire bracket and results. You may have read my criticisms of the Army combatives, and suggestions for improving the tournament, but it sure is good fun. Watch!
H/T: Hock Hochheim

Pat Parker deserves major accolades for consistent improvement in his blog, Mokuren Dojo. If you are a regular reader (and you should be!), you'll note that he's constantly improving his site design (cleaner, stronger, faster... just betterer!), posts, and, not coincidentally given TDA Training his Promote Three award again in November! In fact, of all the MA blogs I read (and there are many), I think Mokuren has improved the most in 2007 to become the best. Check it out and let me know if you agree. I think you will.

That's it for now. Have a great week and Happy New Year!

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