Thursday, December 20, 2007

Carnival of Martial Arts #4 is here! - updated!

[NDT] I was going through my spam filter, and found another submission, Way of Harmony. I am adding it as a separate post, but wanted to make sure it was included with the Carnival. My apologies to the author!

Without further ado, here are the Carnival posts to close out 2007!

In no particular order:

A. Decker presents Way of Harmony posted at Resonant Enigma.

Ultimate MMA Videos posts his New Top 5 Pound for Pound Rankings. As with any sport, these types of rankings are always controversial, but always fun. Do you agree with his list? Head over for this great post, and more.

The always excellent Mokuren Dojo gives an insightful (he's a high-Dan in both arts) opinion on Aikido vs. judo. Read the whole post and the comments.

Production Blog posts the cool Bacon Samurai Video. "You have heard of Samurai Jack but I bet you haven’t heard about the Bacon Samurai. The Bacon Samurai is kind of like Aquateen Hunger Force on crack in Feudal Japan. So if you are brave enough Watch Bacon Samurai fight Sausage Samurai in this crazy (in a good way) video." Check it out!

Eric Frey presents » Do Martial Arts Actually Work? Eric Frey Dot Com: Hopes, Dreams, Ambitions And Things of Interest posted at Eric Frey Dot Com.

Eric Frey presents Why Head Kicks Are A Really Bad Idea For 90% Of Fighters. posted at Eric Frey Dot Com. Always interesting to get a take on the subject of high kicking.

blue skelton presents Jet Li Warlords Trailer posted at Production Blog. Good stuff!

Anmol Mehta presents Free Online Yoga Video - Breath of Fire Yoga Breathing Exercise posted at Mastery of Meditation, Zen & Kundalini Yoga. Check it out!

Chris presents You Might Be a Neijia Martial Artist posted at Martial Development. Are you? Head over and see!

Bob Patterson presents Women in the Martial Arts posted at Striking Thoughts. Beautiful site redesign, too, Bob.

Argonautica presents A Third Fatality for Modern Mixed Martial Arts posted at Argos Classic Martial Reprints. Very good historical and current research. Read it.

That's it for Carnival #4. Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, sir! I'm glad you went through that spam filter, and I really appreciate the way you've dealt with it.
I had a little trouble with Blogger earlier today, but finally got up a post featuring links to you and the carnival.
Thanks again, Nathan. Looks like a good one.

Nathan Teodoro said...

No trouble at all. I just hope this results in more hits, and apologize for the inconvenience.