Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Pic of the Day: Break, Darn You!

Breaking bricks or slabs

Sometimes wishing isn't enough...

UPDATE: Pat Parker has requested I humiliate myself further and explain my failure publicly:

Being the confident (read arrogant here) martial artiste that I am, after being asked to do a breaking demonstration a few days prior to the event (my son's Boy Scouts dinner), I confidently (read stupidly here) obtained my breaking materials the day prior to said event. As most experienced breakers understand (read... ah never mind!), you always make sure you have your materials checked for issues like knots in the wood, thickness, MOISTURE!, and minor things like that. While at Home Depot, while I was grabbing the slabs, I noticed some cool looking red ones off to the side, and said, "Hey honey, I think I'll break those. They look cool!" I failed to consider the considerable moisture in them, nor the fact that it turns out that they are much denser than the regular wimpy gray slabs that I usually hit (at least when I did that kind of stuff over 10 years before, but I digress...).

Hmmm. Turns out that they're muuuuch harder when wet, and don't like to cooperate.


Patrick Parker said...

Ha! That's pretty funny. Looks like a potentially awkward situation. Was it because of the give in the poratble stage that you were set up on that you couldn't break the brick?

Nathan Teodoro said...

Oh! Yeah! It was the stage. That's it. I explain in the body of the post again. The stage could definitely have played a part, but I was denser than the bricks then. :-)

Colin Wee said...

Keep on doing something and you'll sooner or later FAIL. Doesn't mean that you're less accomplished, my man. Just means you've got some real experience under your belt. :-)


Nathan Teodoro said...

No doubt! I learned again, that failure to plan is planning to fail. I did succeed in learning that (again!). Thanks again, Colin- Nathan