Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Video: Checking your way to surviving multiple opponents

In our previous post, Video: Three Opponent Strategy, we showed what can happen when you allow yourself to be taken down, mentioning that you need to utilize checking and striking tactics to keep your opponents stacked in order to face only one opponent at a time. Watch [sorry for the poor audio, due mostly to the mouthpiece I'm wearing]:


  • Check the upper arm or shoulder. Always make sure you do everything above the shoulder or it's easy for the opponent to slip out of the check.
  • Use the opponent's head to move him where you need him to go.
  • DON'T take down or clinch with multiple attackers, or you've trapped yourself and will be defeated. Your goal is to avoid any grip or clinch, but instead use your hands to manipulate the opponent by off-balancing, checking, and shoving to keep one in front as a shield.
  • DON'T strike your shield or knock him out. Use stunning blows to keep him in the way until you are done with him, or you lose your check. Then stick and move or blast him down, then take another attacker as a shield.
  • Constantly move your feet. Laterally, not straight back. More like moving to your 4 or 5, or 7 or 8 O'clock, rather than your six.
  • Watch the feet. Step and slide, don't walk or run backward. If you go down, you're done!

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