Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Video: Three Opponent Strategy

Watch as Sam attempts to handle three opponents.


When sparring with multiple opponents, you should isolate specific areas (handicap the attackers) in order to improve in those areas. One of the final stages of multiple opponent training is shown here - multiple opponents including striking and grappling. Later, you can add weapons.

Observations and lessons:

  • If there are more than three attackers, they usually get in the way of one another. The implication is that if you have the proper tactics, you can handle a large number of attackers, until you make a mistake...
  • Avoid being taken down at all costs! As you can observe from the video footage, as soon as you go down, unless you are an unbelievable ground fighter, multiple opponents will quickly overpower and immobilize you. Your primary defense against multiple attackers IS mobility, and when that's gone, you're a goner. The other inherent risks of going to the ground are that the attackers will have a weapon (very likely), or that you may get hurt by objects on the ground, or the surface itself. Not good. Stay up by moving.
  • Sam was surrounded. Don't let that happen. Everyone says that versus multiple attackers you need to "stack" them. What does that mean, and how do you do it? Please refer to more of our instructional video and posts in the Multiple Attackers category for more. In short, grab, check, and strike to move one attacker in the way of the others. Footwork should be short steps and ALWAYS step and slide. Never cross your feet or your balance can be upset and your base of power will be gone (meaning you can't attack or defend effectively because you can't transfer your weight and are easily unbalanced).
  • You can't know who your attackers might be, or what they know. Don't assume (as Daniel pointed out one day) that your opponents are untrained. They may be wrestlers, MMA fighters, or boxers. God forbid, they may even be real martial artists with street experience! Prepare for everything you can.

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