Thursday, November 29, 2007

Training deficit

I am slowly going mad! The last time I kicked, punched, choked, or otherwise enjoyed myself was in July, and I am My buddy Bobslowly disintegrating! The problem has been the instability of my housing situation, only recently resolved. That should hopefully change for the better, soon, but meanwhile, meet my newest training buddy, Bob! I've been dreaming of keeping Bob captive in my house for years, and beating him on a regular basis, but have never been able to justify it. Well now, I have him where I want him, and plan to take full advantage. Reminds me, in a sick way, of the film, "Boxing Helena." See it if you must. It's disturbing...

My plans, now that we've closed on our house, and become all official-like, are to meet with local law enforcement and offer free instruction, or something close to it, at my house or their facilities for law enforcement and veterans. My wonderful wife has also been scouting out some local talent in karate schools in the area, and I'm going to check them out for my son, but may also try to snag some workouts, if they allow it at a heavy discount for a fellow traveling black belt.

In addition, I'm going to start working out in the basement, a la Bob Patterson, Rick Fryer, and Ross. It should be interesting. I'm going to try to get out to VA as often as I can, and train with Sam and Mike, but I don't expect it'll be often enough.

Be well, and thanks for reading TDA.

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