Tuesday, November 20, 2007

TDA Tuesday Blitz

Nadshots via Argos for a painful look at groin shots in the comics.

High school teacher wants to take her 9-mm pistol to work via The Obscure Store and Reading Room
"It's her ex-husband -- not students -- that she's worried about. She has a license to carry a concealed weapon and a restraining order against the guy. School policy says only cops can pack heat in the building." Link: (Christian Science Monitor)
TDA: A constitutional question? Why should she be helpless in a "gun-free zone" when anyone who chooses to ignore the law could just walk in and start shooting. I know that'd never happen, but just a thought...

Good advice on Breaking Up Fights by Karate Thoughts Blog:
"But I want to clarify something. I have not said that you should go around trying to break up fights. You should avoid fighting. But if two people are fighting, you might get injured if you try to break them up. In fact, bystanders are often injured or even killed. Being a Karate student or teacher does not make you a police officer or school teacher. It is not your job to stop other people from fighting.
Who knows, if you try to stop two people from fighting they might turn on you instead. You could get hit by a wild punch, smashed by a rock, slashed by a knife, or their friends might attack you. In the end, you might even be the one accused of fighting.
Some of the old timers here say "don't stick your nose in other people's business.""
TDA: Read the rest.

Paramedic shoots, then saves robbery suspect via Obscure Store:
The paramedic is an expert marksman who has served as a sniper in the military, says the sheriff. "He shot the guy and then had the presence of mind to go get his bag and save the guy's life."
TDA: If you read the rest, you'll see that they guy should've been shot long before. He's unbelievably lucky that this deputy (and paramedic) was the one who took him out.

BBM Gloating! And rightfully so.
TDA: Our own Black Belt Mama has been featured in major online media publications! Congratulate her. Well deserved!

Martial Arts for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder at BlackFive
Another thing that you can do is find a martial arts group that is composed of combat veterans like yourself.  Here again, you will find a situation where you can train yourself in a discipline that will build just the qualities you need to deal with the world.  Look for a group that teaches real fighting techniques, not sport techniques; and one that is filled with fighting men, not sportsmen.  They will understand you.
TDA: Just part of BlackFive's recommendations in On PTSD, or more properly, on Coming Home. This is where our traditional martial disciplines can heal. I am now going to offer free training to veterans. Anyone out there want to help? This will satisfy my need to start a new group in PA now, and provide a service to returning veterans (among others).

More later...

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