Tuesday, October 30, 2007

MCMAP video: Start on the ground

Check out this MCMAP clip of the participants starting their grappling on their knees. I think it's a good idea because it isolates the clinch and ground game, while taking away the footwork factor. The downsides are that it takes away the footwork factor, plus the standing throws and takedowns that are a big part. That's the compromise with all handicap sparring/drills, though.

Mike and I did this in the park at the end of March, though slightly different, but it was a great drill.


Nathan Teodoro said...

I accidentally rejected two comments on this post. I am reposting them myself.

Nathan Teodoro said...

I've use this drill quite frequently when you want to isolate a certain principle without having to do the footwork and so on..
Its also great when there are too many people inside the dojo and decreases the chances of accidental injury from takedowns.

Simple Self Defense

Nathan Teodoro said...

Mike here,
Although the military seems to shy away from head strikes,the drills that we did back in April were more realistic, somebody will take a swing at you on the street. Maybe a drill with both starting on there knees, and both striking and grappling.
Take care!

Nathan Teodoro said...

Mike and J (Simple Self Defense):

Couple of comments:
1) if you're a striker, it forces you to deal on the ground (and improve your ground game), and see if you can get back up. I agree, J, it's a great isolation drill.

2) Great point that it reduces the chance of injury due to takedowns. It slows down the sparring, and reduces the differential in speed, which usually leads to injuries in sparring, and on the road.

3) Mike, excellent comment. I'd add that drill, too.