Tuesday, October 30, 2007

1,000 Post Milestone!

1000 posts at TDA!

I was going into my Blogger dashboard and noticed something: TDA Training has hit 1000 posts! It may not mean anything to you, but for some reason it's significant to me. My video post tonight demonstrating MCMAP Tan Punches was post number 1000!

Starting in June of 2004, over the last three years, TDA Training morphed into what you see now. We try to bring you the best links and posts on training in the techniques and tactics of modern martial arts. I want to thank the readers whose patronage has motivated us to keep going.

Now. back to work. Oh, it's midnight. I'm going to bed. [Yawn] Sleep, a critical part of training. Zzzzzz.


Patrick Parker said...

Congrats, my big, blogging brother! I'm looking forward to 1000 more from you.

Patrick Parker said...

Hey, Nathan, you got the Promote Three award this month!


I really enjoy your blog and appreciate the hard work you put into making it, the toplist, and the Concvocation forum great successes.

Keep up the good work!


Nathan Teodoro said...

Thank you Pat. High praise, coming from you. Ditto on the CoCA and toplist, my brother! - Nathan