Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aikido And The Dynamic Sphere

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Dojo Rat here again, Gotta get this post in tonight because of an early business meeting tomorrow.
I am a nut for cool grappling and joint-locking techniques. I wrestled in high school all through the '70's, and if Brazilian Jujitsu was avalable during that time, I would have been way into it.
Now I'm an old guy, and I prefer stand-up fighting techniques, including Small-Circle Jujitsu as taught by Wally and Leon Jay and their subsequent instructors. I trained for two years in Aikido with Sensei Charles McCarty who studied under Saito Sensei instructors. What I learned during that time was the dynamics of movement, and how introducing movement to a joint-locking technique can greatly improve how the technique works.
With that said, I would like to suggest that anyone interested in grappling and joint-locks should have this book for reference. The authors, Westbrook and Ratti have created THE DEFINITIVE book on how and why Aikido techniques can improve standing grappling skills and classical pins. The essence of this book is in how the entry to the opponent occurs. Once the bridge is made, continual motion, circles within circles occur. This book has simple illustrations, which are much easier to interpet than photographs. It has a clear categorization of techniques and makes it easy to understand how to handle the entry/bridge, followed by a projection, throw or submission. This book is a must read for stand-up grappling, and is the absolute best book on Aikido I have in my collection. Check it out, "Aikido And The Dynamic Sphere".
Coming up: A pair of the nastiest joint-locking books I've ever read...

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Rick Fryer said...

Hey D.R.

I totally agree, Dynamic Sphere has a lot of great info, but the highlight of the book is the illustrations. The pictures are practically works of art; simple, yet beautiful... the best I've ever seen in an instructional text.

An awsome book for anyone interested in grappling and MA.

Good call.