Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Newest Convocation Partner: Kicks Boxes

Head over to the Convocation to learn about Kicks Boxes, a great new blog by Rick Fryer. From my CoCA description:

Please welcome our newest Convocation Partner blog, Kicks Boxes. Described as, "Discovering the World of Martial Arts & Combat Sports," Kicks Boxes is a newer MA blog (since June), but has some great content already. Rick Fryer describes the origin of the blog name like this:
The title of this site comes from my daughter, who while two years old, saw me working out by kicking a heavy bag in the basement one day and quietly asked me what I was doing. “Daddy’s doing his kickboxing,“ I’d told her. After that day, she’d proudly tell anyone and everyone who’d listen, “My daddy kicks boxes.” At the time, I guess she didn’t have a real good concept of what I was doing… but I’m slowly working on that!

I love it. Anyway, Rick likes romantic walks on the beach, watching the sun set, hiking, and teaching women more than men! Hmmm. Anyway, he's already contributed some nice commentary on CoCA, so we decided to forgo the rubber chicken.

If YOU are also a martial arts blogger and are interested in becoming a Convocation Partner, please contact me via email (on the sidebar). Everyone else is welcome as well, so come on down!

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