Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MCMAP begins for us

My hardy little band of training partners and I are working our way through the MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program) curriculum, starting last Saturday. We will attempt to give you our observations as we go. For those not in the know, please check out the previous posts (here, here, and this FAQ) on MCMAP here at TDA Training, but also check out the official Marine Corps site.

MCMAP is a relatively new program in the evolution of USMC combatives. Chief among the goals of this martial art are:

"...to improve the warfighting capabilities of individual Marines and units, enhance Marines' self-confidence and esprit de corps, and foster the warrior ethos in the Corps. The focus will be the personal development of each Marine in a team framework, using a standardized, trainable, and sustainable close combat system. MCMAP is distinctively a weapons based system, integrating combat equipment, physical challenges, and tactics typically found in the combat arena.

The program:
- Is a true Martial Art (battlefield/military oriented, not sport)
- Enhances the view of the Marine Corps as an Elite Fighting Force
- Provides skills for all Marines
- Is applicable throughout the Spectrum of Violence
- Strengthens ethos and morale
- Enhances recruiting and retention

MCMAP is a progressive system, with each successive level improving on and enhancing skill sets learned in the previous level.
Furthermore, the individual Marine will continue to advance through the program throughout his career."

Our focus will be on the entire system through 1st degree black belt, minus the bayonet techniques. More to come...

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