Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Today's TDA Tip: The Sprint as a Training Method

J Hines of the Knife Self-Defense blog (a new Link - see the sidebar!) makes a good point in his post, "Sprinting for Knife Defense":

"Sprinting is considered one of the best ways to get away from someone intent on hurting you with a blade or any form of impact weapon.

What I am talking about is explosive sprint from 5 to 25 yards. But that initial step to get away should be very powerful. When sprinting you should think of running over your adversary, even if its just running away from your assailant."

I wholeheartedly agree. J is referring to creating critical distance between yourself and your attacker(s) so that you can employ a self-defense strategy, including getting away. Great tactic! In fact, sprint training is probably one of the best ways to quickly improve your sparring or fighting ability! The difference beween the good, average, and great fighter is speed, specifically footwork. The explosive burst "off the line" that characterizes a very proficient fighter is the key characteristic that separates the best from the rest. It's the ability to get out of the way, lead off, or drive through your opponent quickly that makes for effective sparring, self-defense, or sport fighting. If you're watching boxing, wrestling, MMA, or Sumo on TV, pay attention to who shoots or leads the quickest, and you'll probably see the eventual winner of the contest.

Read the whole post on J's blog for training tips for sprinting.

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