Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What to Do When You Hear Gunshots

Great post from Defend University, What to Do When Gunfire Erupts!: "Chances are you will never need to follow this advice. However, there are bad people in the world, some watching the news coverage and seeing opportunities for copycat type of killings. In days past, when there were more armed citizens around and less media coverage for some outcast’s 15 minutes of fame, there were less of these types of incidents. You are responsible for your own personal security."

Read it!


mike said...

As one of your students, and active in shooting sports I'd like the idea of self defense against a gun of any type. I'm a firm beliver in the 2nd Amnendment and have a concealed hand gun permit, and I "carry" as much as possible. Nathan, you know that I'm involved in other "jobs" in the City of Manassas. I carry for one reason, self-defense. My advice to your readers,run if you can. If you decide to (and can by law!)arm yourself, TRAIN, TRAIN, and then TRAIN some more. Know the local laws to the letter. Alot of people think the law will be on there side, this is not always the case. If one decides to arm themselves, (No problem with me!) Know the local laws, and train as much as you can. (that's why cops usally come out on top of a gun fight, training!!)meanwhile keep safe, watch your 6.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Good points all, and equally applicable to all types of techniques, empty-hand as well. You are right though, that the law looks upon firearms with a more critical eye, and with more serious consequences for us citizens. Great advice Mike. Thanks.