Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Today's Quote: Hock Hochheim

"The truth is diversity, versatility. Preparedness. You simply fight where you have to fight. Learn it all, but don’t become any one thing! Don’t capture yourself as a ground fighter or a kick boxer. Be the bastard ! Study to learn how to defeat these things, not to become them. Be free! And then most importantly on top of that, cheat!" - Hock Hochheim

Where to start?

Diversity: No single style will get it done. Most of you reading this will be empty-hand experts, or are trying to get there. Most of us will think of this diversity as regarding the different ranges of fighting, or different types of technique. Instead, think of it as the totality of combat - as the quoted instructor teaches, gun, knife, stick, and empty hand.

Versatility: Know what you're doing on the ground (if you must be there), in very tight quarters, on a slippery or uneven surface, or on a moving bus or train. How about the dark? Be able to kick with punchers, punch versus kickers, disarm knife attackers, or out shoot a gun attacker. Truly know all the ranges, and everything in-between.

Preparedness: Not only being aware of your surroundings, or planning your route so as not to get into a bad situation, but this can also cover conditioning yourself for self-defense. Weight training can be the difference between being overwhelmed by a larger attacker, as can the ability to take a shot and keep going. Train for what you might face. Psychological preparation can include scenario training, videotape, and visualization. I often mentally rehearse, "How would I respond if that guy pulled a knife?" Or, "How could I take that guy down if he started beating his wife/girlfriend?" Look for escape routes and vulnerable areas of a room.

Finally, be mean when you have to be mean. The rest of the time, as Dalton in Roadhouse says, "be nice!"

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True words!