Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Ear Slap

This post by illustrates a good technique for anyone, regardless of strength or size.


Simultaneous slapping an assailant’s ears with your cupped hands can cause disorientation, pain, and eardrum rupture. Use the ear slap to primarily cause mental stunning and distraction for you to escape.

Cup your hands, fingers loosely together. Keep the wrist loose. To strike, quickly snap the hand, leading with your wrist toward the ear. Just before contact, whip the cupped fingers to contact the assailant’s ears, with the entire hand (base/wrist and fingers) slapping at the same time. Put your weight behind it, by slightly rotating your upper body with the strike.

This technique can also be used to slap the groin. In this variation, you can also grab and squeeze the groin tightly, and twist.

When I was a kid, as my brother could tell you, I was not afraid to mix it up, even with bigger kids. I saw myself as some sort of superhero and would often intervene if I saw someone being bullied. One time, there was an older kid named Brad, I think, who was in my neighborhood. He and his brother were relatively new in the neighborhood, and he was probably about three years older than me. He had a strong personality and would usually determine how, where, and what we would all play every day. Until I got sick of him bossing us around. Per his usual tactics, he puffed his chest out and threatened me with something like, "What are you going to do about it?" I proceeded to show him, and was getting the better of the bigger, older kid, when he pulled a double ear slap on me. He must've seen it on Star Trek or something, as I recall Captain Kirk often used that move. Anyway, it wasn't very hard, or very well done, but I remember being stunned so much that I started crying and ran home. It wasn't fair, but that was the point, wasn't it?

Word of caution: it doesn't take much to pop an eardrum, so proceed slowly and carefully when drilling this.

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