Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Deadly Dog Attacks Can Be Fatal!

Don't worry, that goofy title was tongue-in-cheek. Here's an excellent new post by Ronin at Crime: Information and Prevention on the incidence, severity and frequency of dog attacks. Key quote:

In the US alone, there's almost 5,000,000 dog bite victims a year, roughly 2% of
the entire population. Of these, about 800K victims needed to seek out medical attention. About 1,000 dog bite victims per day, need treatment in hospital
emergency rooms. Of these victims, between 15 to 28 die every year. Of the victims who get medical attention, most are children and half of them are bitten
in the face. Monetary losses resulting from dog bites are over $1 billion a year, with about 1/3 being paid by insurance. (Hmmm...who's paying for the other $670 million?)
For information on how to defend a dog attack when you're unarmed, check out the posts in our Dog Attacks category.

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