Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Devastating TKD K-1 Fighter

I just watched this YouTube clip of Turkish Tae Kwon Do fighter Serkan Yilmaz kicking butt in K-1. Fascinating. It's rare to see a TKD fighter who has overcome the specialized Olympic sparring style to blend the tremendous effectiveness of the TKD kicks with boxing hands. This fighter seems to have done it. Watch!


Dojo Rat said...

I agree, his skill is rare for a TKD fighter. And I am speaking as a TKD Black Belt who has moved on...
I think if some fighters had a rematch with him they might be able to defeat the spinning kicks.
None the less, it was a great clip and he is a skilled fighter-- I wonder how he would do in UFC though?--Dojo Rat

Nathan Teodoro said...

Same here, on the TKD black belt, moving on,etc. I'm not so sure on the rematches, though. Anything can happen, but, he seems to be a well-prepared fighter, and equally skilled with his hands (though the clips don't really highlight his chin or defensive skills).
I'd also be willing to bet he'd use some of the spinning techniques and axe kicks in MMA as well - surprise attacks are surprisingly effective.
What I admire about watching him is the refusal to change his essential style - the pragmatic trainer might say, "Don't even try the spinning hook kick - it'll get you killed!" But he does! Enjoyable to watch though, isn't it?