Tuesday, October 17, 2006

John Lott on the money - Self-Defense Sense

Read some of the recent posts (on resisting, criminalizing gun ownership, and weapon retention) by DefendU's Self Defense Sense blog on professor John Lott's research, and notice the trend - countries that criminalize handgun ownership notice a substantial (to put it mildly) increase in violent crime. It only makes sense that if you disarm the weakest and most law-abiding, those who prey on them can do so with impunity.

Take the recent school shootings as an example of the idiocy of laws criminalizing gun possession on school property. I remember having a rifle team at my high school in the '80's. Not that long ago (watch it!). That would be unthinkable today, but someone coming onto a school with evil intent doesn't have much to worry about. I like the idea of the Israelis having an automatic weapon in every classroom. After they started that, the massacres of their students by terrorists stopped.

Another example of this type of the insanity of trying to use laws to protect people: retraining orders. After a woman is killed by her (usually) ex-boyfriend or estranged husband, we hear about the scandal that a restraining order was denied or something, as if that would've stopped the killer, who usually takes his own life. Stupid.

Protect yourself by any means necessary to save yourself and loved ones.

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