Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Should've Stayed in the Car

OK, let's all read this story together and figure out what could've been done differently.

Teenage gang attack young driver
TEENAGER suffered a broken nose, a black eye and cuts to his face in an attack by a gang of youths.

Chris Roullier, of Lonsdale Road, Stevenage, was on his way to collect his girlfriend's mother from bingo in his car when the incident took place.

Mr Roullier, 17, had slowed down to turn the corner at the end of Ridgeway, Stevenage, when a youth stepped out into the road and blocked his access.

He said: "There were about 12 teenagers on the pavement and one of them came out into the road.

"I sounded my horn and he didn't move. He knocked my wing mirror off.

"This startled me and I am not usually a nervous person.

"I stepped out of the car and confronted the teenager.

"It was then that I was set upon by four or five of the gang who broke my nose, cut my face and blacked my eye.

"The quick assault lost me my designer glasses and caused me to hit my head on the road surface.
"My girlfriend was screaming from the passenger seat throughout the incident.

"As soon as I hit the floor the youths scattered and I got back into the car and escaped a very threatening situation."

He added: "I have never been in any trouble before and the attack was totally unprovoked.

"My girlfriend is petrified to go to the end of her own street now but I don't want to be intimidated by them."

What's also interesting is that the article claims that the police didn't have the time to even take a report for over twenty hours, so you need to protect yourself.
Comments welcome. What would you do differently? Any advice for other readers?

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