Monday, August 21, 2006

Takedown Counter to Thai Clinch and Knee - IMPROVED!

I don't really like the Photobucket Filmloop for this type of post, so I will do it the old-fashioned way for your edification (and edjumucation)!

One of the problems you face when throwing knees is that you have to keep you opponent off-balance to keep delivering knees, or you are vulnerable to a takedown. Watch Sam (green shirt) and Mike (black shirt) illustrate.

  1. Mike achieves the Thai clinch and prepares the right knee

  2. Sam uses a double-forearm block

  3. Sam goes for the double, Mike begins to back away and tries to sprawl

  4. Sam pulls behind Mike's left knee and applies pressure with his head and left shoulder

  5. ... taking Mike down tothe dusty turf

  6. Then Sam assumes side control

Some fine points:
You have to time the takedown as your opponent has just fired the knee, or when the leg is on its way down. If you wait a split-second too long, you can eat the knee. Please see
this post on handling the Thai clinch for other options. Stay safe.
Back to work!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He has a bad clinch, he is only holding the head not controlling the body. I agree with what you are saying but the elbows should be pushing into the chest of the guy to prevent a takedown. Look at wanderlai silva kneeing Quintin jackson at pride. 22 knees , no takedown, Look at anderson silva kneeing rich franklin, no takedown. just a thought