Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mugged by Three, Man Defends Self Successfully

Very educational. This story illustrates quite a few points for me:

  1. The "victim," Morris Brown, was out at 1:30 in the AM. He was approached by subjects looking for drugs, or trying to sell them, at least that's the story now. Wrong place, wrong time.

  2. The first two subjects approached and distracted the Brown by conversing with him, asking him something which will occupy his attention and thought processes.

  3. After being distracted, he was grabbed from behind, probably in a "muggers choke" (one arm choking, the other holding an arm), or a bear hug, by a surprise third attacker. The other two beat him down and took his stuff.

  4. Something occurred after the mugging, and the third subject allegedly brandished and aimed a handgun at Brown, who then fired, hitting two subjects several times. He obviously did the right thing.

If the victim didn't have a concealed handgun, would he be alive today? Did he do the right thing? What could/should he have done differently. Read the story here, then comment. I will reply.

Thanks to my brother for bringing this to our attention.

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