Sunday, June 11, 2006

X-Men: The Last Stand - My Impressions

Off our well-beaten path, I saw the new X-Men movie last weekend with my brother, nephews, and an old friend. Doing our comic book reading in the 80s, the current crop of super-hero adaptations are taking us back and, reuniting us with nostalgia for our teenage (and pre-teen) years. I won't give anything away, but I will give you my thoughts, briefly:

Visually, an amazing representation of the powers of the comic book characters, combining a true-to-life appearance (if that can be said of anything in this genre), but also seems to give the look and feel of the physics of their powers. In other words, a punch or tackle delivered by one of them seems to have the effect you'd imagine from the comics. That was noticeable lacking in early attempts to do the same thing, a la Superman from the 70s, as well as the numerous TV series.

One complaint was that the characters aren't really developed enough - the movie's too short to do it. I'd have sat there for another 90 minutes just to have that all worked out. Some of the subplots are just started, then dropped (for the next one?).

Overall, the impression I got was formed by the climax, and the ending of the film. All of the powers of the mutants are shown in their glory, and horrible power, in a battle for the future of the mutant branch of humanity. Answered, to one degree or another, are the questions of what would happen if so-and-so fought against such-and-such. What would happen? If you like anything like this, go see it and find out.

P.S. Stay till the end of the credits. You won't be sorry!

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