Thursday, June 22, 2006

TDA Tip of the Day: Fear of Commitment

Like relationships, all techniques, tactics, and strategies are almost guaranteed to fail without commitment. [Sorry, I had to keep the "fear of commitment" thing alive. I'll stop now.] Regardless of how good your skill, or how much your experience, if you don't commit to what you're doing in a fight or sparring, you will fall short of your intent. Examples:

  • A jab or other lead-off technique that's not committed becomes an opening because it doesn't force a defense. That's means your opponent is free to counter without fear. If you fight someone who leads like this, watch him do it a couple of times, then start taking advantage by ignoring the lead.
  • A half-assed kick will be jammed, or you will be countered without any respect paid to the technique.
  • A lack of commitment to a tactic or strategy is tantamount to having no confidence in your plan, and working with NO plan.
  • The same is true with grappling, and leads to counters that are easily applied.

Bottom line is: If you're not going to do something with full intent, don't even start. Keep in mind, that throwing anything with intent sets up later feints and fakes because they have to be respected. I frequently use eye fakes now, looking up or down, or at a target without physically faking, and it serves the same purpose, forces a reaction or defense which I can then exploit. Have fun.
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