Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Student kills intruder in apparent self-defense

West Georgia student kills intruder in apparent self-defense

Associated Press
"CARROLLTON, Ga. - A University of West Georgia student killed an armed man who broke into his apartment near the school's campus, police said.
Carrollton Police Capt. Daryl Diamond said three male West Georgia students were asleep in the apartment unit shared by two of them when Courtney Grant Vaughn knocked on their door early Friday.
A student awoke, opened the door and saw Vaughn pointing a gun at him, Diamond said.
Vaughn, of Carrollton, struck two of the men with the gun then threatened the other before one of students grabbed a knife and stabbed him multiple times, authorities said.
Vaughn, 22, was pronounced dead at the Tanner Medical Center-Carrollton from numerous knife wounds, police said.
Diamond said no charges were pending against the students."

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