Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Great stunt and trick video footage

Reader Franklin Thomson comments, "I really like your self defense blog. This video isn't necessarily the type of material you normally show on your blog, but I thought it was really cool and might be cute for your site.


One of these guys did some of the Sith stunts in the last three Star Wars movies, now they are expanding with ESKnives.com. Footage includes a couple of tricks, some weapons displays, as well as raw footage of his performance in Star Wars fight scenes with Team Ryouko at the Toronto International Circus Festival 2005.


Franklin's right, it is very cool. About a three or four minute video featuring some great moves. since my competitive heyday (about 15 years ago), I've been amazed at some of the things that kids can do now. With the synthesis of martial arts and gymnastics that took place during the 80s in forms competition, the a lot of imaginative techniques have developed, now culminating in the XMA trend. In my day, there was only one "right" way to perform a technique, now, combined with a backflip or roundoff, it's become OK to experiment - a healthy trend. On the other side of that same coin, a synthesis of grappling with other ring-proven martial sports has culminated in the evolving MMA trend - also very healthy.

Last year, after about a decade of training and teaching primarily in Muay Thai/Western Boxing, and self-defense, I judged and competed in an open tournament. Not as much of a culture shock as I would've thought on the judging side, but I'm glad I didn't judge black belt forms, as I am still a stickler for traditional stances and strong technique, with flash not scoring many points with me. When I sparred in the heavyweight final, my lack of training in the open point-style fighting nearly got me disqualified, and I lost 5-zip (never happened to me in the past). I realized then that things have changed, and I'm movin' on!

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