Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Front Takedown to Mount (from Clinch)

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1 Achieve the clinch

2 Wrap the arms, trapping the right, and gripping palms down

3 Step around to the front with the left leg, then break the balance by pulling in at the waist, and pushing forward with the head (this photo shows Sam with his head back - don't do that!)

4 Step over with the left leg, almost like you were going to climb over your partner - this will force him down

5 Release your grip and prepare to land on your hand and feet, then put your weight on the chest of your partner

6 Land, achieving the mount

7 Proceed to pummel!

VARIATION: If your partner attempts to step back and escape the takedown, hook his lead leg with yours, then proceed from step 4 again

Note - these techniques are BJJ from the US Army Combatives Field Manual (FM 3-25.150)

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