Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Close to Clinch

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Close the gap using the wedge block

Drive your forehead into the middle of the chest, grasping the biceps on each side

Look toward the left arm, then wrap it, pulling it up tightly under your armpit

Simultaneously step around toward your right and raise your right elbow up, driving up your partner's arm

Wrap your right arm around your partner's waist. Remember to keep your head tucked.


Jim said...

I really like this blog. My name is Jim and I am currently training in RBSD. Since most street fighters are punchers, taking the fight to CQC range via the clinch will make them uncomfortable.

Jim McGarvey

Nathan Teodoro said...

Thanks Jim. I appreciate the feedback. I agree, you always want to take the fight to the range and tactics that your opponent is the weakest and you are the strongest. Hopefully you are a complete enough fighter to do that against most opponents, or better yet, are armed!
If you're in Sammy Franco's program, I'm sure you're in good hands (and feet). I think he's got great stuff. Welcome!