Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Those are the breaks!-2: Two Slab Palm Strike

This break epitomizes what I like about power breaking - clean, irresistable, easy power.
In my last post ( about this last weekend's demonstration, I said some went, some didn't. Well, this one went really well. I last broke anything a couple of years ago for the Scouts as well, but not on red slabs. In fact, this was the first time I've ever done red slabs, and they're different! This should've been an easy break for me, and it was, because I usually use 4 or 5 grey slabs (I've done six on this break) with pencil spacers. I am comfortable with the height, and familiar with how hard and far I have to drive. In fact, I probably used more power than I need to, 'cause I blasted through these. One of the things you shouldn't do with slabs is recoil or rechamber too quick because the slabs may still be falling and you'll tear up your skin. Anyway, this one was sweet. Unlike the next one ...

[Click photos to view full-size]
1. Measure distance (like the jab in a 1-2)
2. Chamber, straighten the legs
3. Drop the weight, torque the waist, hips, and turn the shoulder in
4. Follow through (the most important thing!)

I enjoy breaking like this. I think it's all technique, but more importantly, committment. More on that later.

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