Monday, February 06, 2006


Saturday training is from 0800 until 0915 hours. You should all arrive at 0750 to set up the room. I will set up the A/V equipment.

After setting up, please have the following gear on by 0800 hours:
Head gear (mandatory)
Goggles (I'll let you know)
Mouth piece (mandatory)
Shin pads

Elbow, knee pads
MMA or boxing gloves (I'll let you know)
Groin cup (mandatory)
Footgear (mandatory)

We are currently working on the following:
Boxing hand techniques
Knee strikes, and defenses
Front kick
Thai kick
Open-hand techniques (see previous posts) with MMA gloves

Bobby Ovalle is joining us - his gear should be in on 2/8.

Darren Lawson is expected to start in the near future.

Bobby is an MCPD officer, and has just completed the police academy. His schedule isn't set yet, as he's in training. He trained with us in the MAPS program (Martial Arts for Public Safety), and is an NRA range instructor (did I get that right, Bobby?).

Darren is a police officer with MCPD, a member of the ESU (SWAT team), and is enthusiastic about getting beat up (actually he has lots of trash talk for us at this point!). He expects to start within a few weeks.

The training will progress into other areas (I'll detail it in a future email/handout), and we can specifically address some questions and work on scenarios for you both, as well as Mike Frezza, a career firefighter, and ESU Medic (he's the SWAT doc!) as well. What I like about Mike is that he can put you down, but fix you up afterward!
Don't worry - we haven't had any serious injuries (my thumb hurts right now -whine- though), so we shouldn't need Mike's skills.

Mr. Sam Bertolino is a black belt, going on ten years now, who has a lot of experience, skills, and knowledge that will be useful. He often reminds me of things that I have taught, but forgotten, or emphasizes something that makes eminent sense, but I neglect to mention. He is also very tough, and doesn't mind pain (he's a sick feller), so watch out for him!

I, your humble instructor (!), will try to be open to suggestion/questions as we go through this.

Please check the blog at often. The current schedule will be posted there. PLEASE send me any dates that you CAN'T train and I will update it on the blog. Check it by Wednesday or so after every training for suggestions and comments that you can use. There will also be embarrassing photos for your viewing pleasure (look at the archives).


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