Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sucker punch - specific defenses

There are a lot of possible counters to the sucker punch. The following are what work for me:

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1. Fire out with a lead-hand palm strike to the nose. This will immediately put the attacker on his heels and take the steam off any follow-up. You have gained the initiative.

2. Eye jab.Again, a simultaneous block and counter. More properly, the attack is deflected by the lead arm (elbow is high), and the eye jab will probably end it.

3. Wedge block into a rear-hand palm counter to the nose. Same advantages as #1, but more powerful strike, and covers the rear hand better.

4. Wedge to forearm or elbow counter. The forearm could be used to the chest for a less-dangerous counter, or fire the elbow as a stronger shot.

5. Wedge to simultaneous forearm counter to the face.

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