Sunday, February 26, 2006

Dealing with the Sudden Attack

In The Most Dangerous Opponent: Dealing with the Sudden Attack, DefendU covers exactly what we're working on now, the unprovoked, sudden assault - sucker punch, shove, or grab and punch. Good into and examples, then a drill from Tony Blauer.

Attack without Warning Drill

1. Stand within reach of your training partner (you can change positions to be facing, side-to-side or from the back).
2. Change your posture and arm position continually to mimic common, everyday movements. Start with your arms crossed, pretend like you are pushing your hair back, reach for your wallet, stand with your weight on one leg, etc.
3. Your training partner can attack at anytime.
4. Respond to the attack.


Anonymous said...

Looks like good training!

Importantly, the "Sucker Punch Drill" from Blauer's SPEAR System includes a lot of verbal interaction between the two role players in order to further induce the stresses caused by true surprise.

Nathan Teodoro said...

Thanks for the feedback.
The "verbal interaction" is what I'd like to learn and practice more. I need to attend some seminars. Thanks again!