Friday, September 16, 2005

Training Diary 2005-09-10

Participants: Nathan, Mike
  • Drilled hand:1-21-2-31-61-6-5

  • Target gloves, paddle

R1 Mike jab vs. Nathan defense
R2 Nathan jab vs. Mike defense Mike, remember to parry and move to the right.
R3 Lead vs. Lead Nathan work the double-hook.
R4 Mike rear hand vs. Nathan lead hand Mike, nice counter right to a lead hook. Nathan, need to keep the jab out, and guard in the way (lead-hand)
R5 Mike lead hand vs. Nathan rear hand
R6 Mike rear hand vs. Nathan defense
Burnout1 Mike, nice job on the counter right to the midsection (under my jab) Nathan, you’re not chambering the jab properly
Mike, commit when you lead, and you’ll be successful;
Burnout2 Nathan, need more clean technique. Sloppiness is making you miss. Mike, clinching a lot is good to learn, but not an effective long-term strategy.
Action items:
  • Mike, work on the lead uppercut – make it perpendicular to the ground

  • Nathan, use more double hooks – the body is usually open

  • Nathan, front hand position is not in the way. It’s leaving me vulnerable to anything coming over it

  • Nathan, cleaner technique!

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