Saturday, September 03, 2005

Training Diary 2005-09-03

Participants: Nathan, Mike

  • We warmed up with several short rounds of shadowboxing.

  • Used the x-ray paper with the jab. I look slow & fat!!!!

  • Parry the jab:Mike, remember not to parry the jab into your own lead hand. Be loose, relaxed, and the parry is quick & easy.Mike, you did a good job of working on trying the counters after the parry.You should use the regular parry while moving to the outside of the opponent’s lead.I was doing a catch a lot, and not a pure parry.

  • Roll the straight right:Remember to AIM for the target where it is when you start the exercise – don’t practice missing. It doesn’t help anyone.Bring up your elbow higher when you do the roll.

  • We cut the right as a defense:This was new for Mike. It will be a good technique to do.

  • Overhand right on the paddle.Remember to turn the punch over so that your palm is out and you rip the knuckles at the temple or jaw.

  • Block the overhand right and the haymaker.Mike, you were collapsing the arm because it wasn’t perpendicular to the attack.

  • Counters to the haymaker/sucker punchSimultaneous elbowForearm counter

  • Front kick – walking forwardWork on chambering, then using the ball of the foot as a striking surface.To improve at this, you need to do many reps, slowly at first.Hold onto something for balance and you can concentrate on the foot. You can also do it while seated.

  • Front kick on the shieldInstructed Mike on how to hold the shield and not get injured. Make sure you have the knees bent.

  • I kicked the paddle and shield. I smashed my instep on Mike’s elbow. I need to show him how to hold the shield.

  • We drilled parrying the jab, and knee counter:Remember to parry the jab past your shoulder, not into your lead or your shoulder.Parry deep on the forearm and bat the arm down so that it creates the opening for hooking the neck.Hooking the neck and pulling the head down prevents the lead hook punch as a counter.

R1 Jab vs. jab:Follow-through and doubling up the jab will get you in.

R2 Both hands:Mike, you’re getting hit by the 1-2 because you moving the guard hand out of the way – there’s nothing in the way.

R3 Added in the knees:This round exposed that we need to drill the steps to follow through a successful defense of the lead, then using it to go into the counter knee. We need to drill it a lot.

Action items:
  • Spar with the knee a lot more

  • Drill the knees a lot

  • Keep the guard hand in the way

  • Double-up the jab

  • Commit when leading or you’ll get in trouble.

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