Saturday, September 17, 2005

2005-09-17 Initial impressions...

Nathan, Sam, Mike

  • Sam was back and had head contact for the first time in over 2 months. He said he was "fully recovered" from the eye surgery, so we beat on him! Seriously Sam, it's great to have you back!
  • Goals for today, based on recent training:
    Sam- work the footwork, keep the feet in their proper place. Jab with more authority. Keep the guard hand in the way.
    Mike- Double-up on the jab. Commit when leading. Stretch a lot.
    Nathan- I need to make sure my lead hand is in the way. Use the double-hook more.
  • We did mostly countering drills, then a few rounds of sparring.

More to come this evening...

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SBertolino said...

I really enjoyed Saturday's workout. The rounds that we do at the end are so much fun. Commitment on my jab is something that I have been trying to work on for a while. Sometimes it's there and when it is it works - but most of the time it is not. Also, I noticed that I telegrapoh a lot by not so much winding up but stopping before I strike. This will get mne killed. I think Mike is really coming along and it is a lot of fun sparring him now that he has a set of skills to work from. Let's keep having fun and I'd like to continue this type of workout. I am looking forward to busting out some kicks next week.