Saturday, August 20, 2005

Training notes: Saturday, 8/20

Attendees: Nathan & Sam. Mike out (slacker!)

Sam and I agreed on several points:
  1. Relating to his sparring style, we agreed to work on changing it to more of a kickboxing style from a point-fighter style. This means he should utilize more of a squared stance. Point the front toe and knee at the opponent, rather than a side ways, Bill Wallace-style stance. Use the boxing and Karate hands with the rear-leg round kick and lots of front kicks. The axe kick and turning back kick would be nice supplements. Be fast and aggressive. Remember the covering fire of a safe lead(s).
  2. Over the next four or five training sessions, we need to knock out all the under-belt forms. That means we focus on them almost exclusively. We plan to videotape the forms on 8/27, toward that end.
  3. He needs to get in shape and improve the kicking. That means lots of rope, reps, stretching, and eating better (who am I to talk? I'm the instructor!!!). Specifically, I asked whether he felt he could do 15 minutes a day, no matter what, Sam agreed that was realistic. Five minutes of forms, kicking, and stretching, respectively, will do it. In five minutes, you should be able to do 5-10 forms, depending on what shape you're in and how fast you do them. Pound the forms!!!
We drilled the new sparring style in the sweat-producing garage, careful to stay away from the police motorcycles. What I can remember of our drills:
We worked on the rear-leg kicking in the air, on the shield.
Drilled chasing down a retreating opponent by using the rear leg front kick.
Worked the switch-step front kick with a jab as cover.
Worked on closing the gap with the jab- go high, use the lead shoulder, keep the elbow up for cover, and use the rear hand as a guard while moving in.

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