Saturday, August 27, 2005

Training notes: Saturday, 8/27

Attendees: Nathan & Sam. Mike out (slacker, we missed you)
Per last training, we taped Dae Ryun Hyung, Kicho, Tae Geuk Sa Jang, Tae Geuk Oh Jang, and Palgue Yuk Jang. No, Sam taped me.

We then worked on DePasquale Combat Jujitsu techniques 1-5. 1-4 were review from last week, then we worked on 5. Needs some work.

We did some shield work on kicks, then on the paddle.
Then a couple of rounds of burnout sparring with body punching and kicking only.
3 or 4 minutes of stretching rounded it out.

Sam said he's gonna work the five forms we covered hard and have them down by next training. He will be back on Saturday, 9/10. I recommended a lot of kicks and endurance work. We were both pretty beat at the end of the burnouts, but he said he was getting ready to hurl, and had never had that happen before, and thought it was because of the kicks. I also explained that our rounds were only 90 seconds!

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