Sunday, April 10, 2005

Training Diary 4/9/05


What we did:

  1. Mr. Sam did DRH, KCH, then review TSJ. Koryo 2-3 times.
  2. We learned the stop-hit.
  3. Sam, Mike, Nathan: Offensive combinations
  4. 4 rounds:
    R1 Jab only
    R2 Lead hand only
    R3 Both hands
    R4 Both hands
  5. Burnout 3.5 min, Nathan & Mike, including knees (1st time for Mike)


Sam, on your forms, I wanted to reiterate my observation that during forms you want to try to connect one movement with another, and that we should not stop between (or after) each movement. I think the fighting example was apt, in that when you go from one technique to another in fighting, you don't hold each one before moving to the next. Therefore, when performing a form, go slowly at first, but smoothly. Speed up as you know the form better. You are well past the point of needing to stop after each technique for correction.
Specifics suggestions:
Get low!
You liked the suggestion of just trying the form (Koryo) without hands, just moving in stances.
Be weird - practice while you're just standing around. Work the hands in the mirror whenever you see one.
Visualize when you're getting ready to fall asleep. See if you can visualize your form from beginning to end, and try to feel the moves.

Our combinations worked on included:
1, 1-1, 1-2, 1-1-2, 1-2-3, 3-3 (including low-high), 1-3, 1-3-3, 1-4, 1-6.

Sparring goals for each round:
R1 Nathan: Keep hands up, slip, and work the body jab
R1 Sam: Body angle, stop/parry
R1 Mike: Keep elbow up - more "snap". More strikes to head - keep opponent's eyes covered.

R2 Nathan: Land 1-3 and 3-3. Keep hands up and circle.
R2 Sam: Right hand up, circle.
R2 Mike: More snap - use core power for punch.

R3 Nathan: Backfist and overhand, then clinch.
R3 Sam: Footwork, combinations.
R3 Mike: Straighter punch, more speed & snap.

R4 Nathan: Work uppercuts, work the stop-hit.
R4 Sam: Counter, don't bend over.
R4 Mike: SAA(?)

Sparring Notes by Nathan:

R1 During this jab-only round, I was able to keep my hands up more, but didn't really slip at all. I used to do that a lot more, and was able to use it to get inside. I will drill it and try to improve. I didn't land a single body jab, as I didn't see any real opportunities, though I tried.
Sam, I didn't really notice the body angle thing, as I was too focused on my own goals. One reason I may not have been able to get a shot at the body jab is that you didn't have a squared-off torso. It may have worked on me.
Mike, I did notice more snap in your jab, and the benefit of keeping the eyes covered.
For all of us, I would like to see better clearing. There was too much brawling.

R2 I was trying to work combinations I feel are very effective: the 1-3 and 3-3 (1=jab, 3=lead hook). It worked beautifully. On both of you, when the jab would bring the hands in to cover the high inside, the high or low outside (hook to rib/kidneys or side of the head) was pretty wide open. The cool thing was that it worked over and over and over. We need to figure out how to stop that one and drill it. The 3-3 had mixed success. I probably should have done a 1-1-3-3, or 1-3-3. I need to use the jab to close the gap.
Sam, I think that here you said you mixed your R2 and R3 goals. You did seem to use a lot of combinations. It may be more effective to try to get angles on us, or if you get a good lead-off combination, then step around or clear for a rest before continuing. Upon further review, I saw how effective you were being at punching over, under, around the guard. This is a performance to emulate. Nice.
Mike, I can't really judge the power of the punches, as we use varyingly decent control, but you were snapping the jab nicely. Good commitment.

R3 I was able to use the backfist very well, and the overhand was good, though I overused it later and it became easier to stop. Sam, you commented that you saw the backfist coming vertically a couple of times and weren't able to stop it. We should all try to use it more. Need to teach it to Mike next week. I also tried to clinch a little. I think I'm remembering how to do it, and will try it more. I need to time the punches and hook my arms above the elbow then bring you in close to prevent knees.
Sam, your increased use of combinations was evident, and I am pretty sure I saw your right up higher. I didn't notice enough circling, however, and there was too much brawling by youz guys! It's fun, I know... I think this was the round that I went down, though it should have been ruled a slip. The second and third times, oh never mind! Again, from tape review, I saw a lot of effectiveness from the use of combinations. You were frustrating both Mike's and my defenses when you threw those 5-punch combinations. I don't think any of us do that regularly.
Mike, I think you met most of your goals, except for the brawling. Remember to try to impose your will, and control the opponent's movement with yours. Footwork footwork footwork!

R4 I did land some good uppercuts - they are open a lot, especially to the body. Then I decided to settle down in the minute versus Mike and just hold my ground and stop-hit. I was able to blast away when you were on the way in, Mike, but took a couple of shots, too. I told you after the round that when someone is immobile, to use your mobility against him by circling, and feinting to draw a shot that you can close the gap off of. This is when rolling the right hand would pay off.
Sam, I saw more brawling than true countering, but you were effective. Need to learn to counter on the move laterally, and to slip and counter off of something. You didn't bend over, as far as I could see, and that's a good thing.
Mike, I have no idea what you meant by SAA on your sheet. See notes above, plus less brawling! From tape review, I saw a lot of activity, but less effective agression than in round 3. Why did this happen? Sam, I saw you got sloppy from fatigue, and that you got out of position (right foot in front). For all three of us, I saw our hands getting tied up more. Use your feet to keep your hands free from getting clashes (both trying to punch at the same time) and get off while limiting your exposure to taking shots. Step around to accomplish this, or take a half-step back to free up your hands then clear or clinch/jam your opponent's counters.
And to both of you, stop knocking me down!!!!!!!

Next week:

  • Teach and drill the backfist. Mike doesn't know it yet. Teach advantages and weaknesses, and how to throw it as an effective lead. Refer back to the post on effective leads.

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