Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Training Diary 04/02/2005

Mike and I worked on boxing combinations, then he learned the knee.

Observations to Mike:

  • You have learned the jab pretty well. Per our conversations on it, it can be very effective if you just jab into the face/eyes with conviction, and double up. When you did those things, it turns your offense into a very effective thing. Mr Sam was working his jab a lot a couple of weeks ago, and was having too much success when he was jabbing high.
  • Remember to keep the left high when jabbing to ward off the counter right hand.
  • One caution - watch for the counters. Even when you lead-off well, the reason you get hit afterward by lazy fighters like me (counterfighters) is that you don't have a an "exit strategy." Remember to clear. I don't remember if you were doing that, and it seems to be one of your primary areas needing most improvement. Right now, you are charging in, or going straight back, when not concentrating hard on using footwork and circling. This will improve with time and punishment, but much faster if you think of clearing after every attack.
  • Remember to finish almost every combination with a lead-hand technique. As you know, that puts you back in a natural defensive posture from which you can defend or counter. Being out of postion is painful to me, and probably to you, too.

When we were sparring (3 rounds only), you also learned to pick up the left hook and block it.

  • Keeping the rear hand nice and high is a good habit. It will pay off when you least expect it, because you usually don't see hooks, if they've come after straight punches. Like most good defenses, the best thing is to cover everything but what you are ready to defend.

Next Training

  1. Mr. Sam, do DRH, KCH, then review TSJ. Koryo 2-3 times. 1st time, normal speed. 2nd time, slow with feedback. 3rd+ time, with full speed and power.
  2. Nathan and Sam kicking drills
  3. Sam, Mike, Nathan: Offensive combinations, and counters.
  4. Sparring, include knees in some rounds
  5. Burnouts (include knees, Sam & Nathan)

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