Tuesday, March 22, 2005

March post for last two trainings


Status of Sam's YiDan test and feedback:

  • Your review of DRH and KCH show that your basics aren't as far off as I thought they'd be, considering that we haven't emphasized forms for so long.
  • Get low. If you look at past posts and feedback, you'll see this over and over. Sink into your stance and use your legs and core (abs, lower back) to provide impetus and power to every technique.
  • Exaggerate the straight back. If you do that when you are practicing, you'll look very sharp when performing at review/test time.
  • Each technique in a form is held for a split-second, then connects immediately to the next movement. The magic of a beautiful form is done by performance of the techniques with a flow of on technique to the next, while showing the kind of power and skill that gives, even the most casual layman, the impression of the deady effectiveness of your art.
  • During the form, we need to know the techniques and their purpose. When you can do that, you can have your concentration riveted on your attacker while blocking, striking, punching, kicking, and snapping his joints. Do you know what each technique is? Can you explain it, even on a novice's level? If not, ask, and if I know, I'll share it with you.
  • Need to stretch a lot. Every day, if you watch TV, do abs, back exercises, and stretch during that time. You need strong core and flexibility. The flexibility will allow your kicks to snap out with authority and without strain while sparring, and look impressive and powerful during forms.
  • Keep the proper fist and work on smooth transitions. TSJ is next Saturday. Get as many reps of Koryo in as possible.
  • Practice and train your hands to hold a proper knifehand and spearhand. They are both in Koryo and will be graded.
  • Jump rope and shadowbox with good technique and speed. You will have a lot of rounds on the sparring portion. Work kicks into this.

General training observations:


  • You're getting pretty wily with your boxing. You need to work on combinations now, and some defensive tricks to deal with strong, committed attacks, as well as pacing yourself.
  • You have been getting worn out (as I have) the last two trainings in which you have participated, and it limits you a lot. It also makes you dead meat when you're doing burnouts or at the end of your regular sparring rounds. Work on the rope and shadowbox.
  • You actually got the left hook last training (two weeks ago), and it was impressive. Work on it in a mirror. Try to match (at least), what mine looks like. Visualize when you can use it and mix it in. You will then get away from being one-dimensional.
  • You have pretty good instincts and are now getting better self-control. Keep it up.
  • Work on the step n pivot to get around behind your opponent.

Mr. Sam:

  • Remind me to work on the defense to the right cross or straight right.
  • Your committed, higher jab is very effective. Please stop it!
  • You need a lot of work on the 1-2 and, just the 2 (straight right). You need to step in deep and throw it hard. You have a lot of power and decent speed, but your footwork is holding you back.
  • I want to start getting serious about the knees, and want you to teach Mike how to use them. We will be starting to spar with them.
  • Work more of the surprise techniques into each round. One per round. What's your secret weapon this round? Try some tricks. Examples: lead-off right, kneeling right to the body, backfist, top-fist, overhand, spinning backfist (ask me first whether we can include them), etc.

Mr. Nathan:

  • Work more slipping and simultaneous counters into the mix.
  • Practice fighting when tired.
  • Bump
  • Clinch
  • Check
  • Overhand
  • Step n pivot to get behind opponents
  • More knees
  • Sweeps & takedowns.
  • Multiple opponents
  • More self-defense


  1. Mr. Sam, do DRH, KCH, then review TSJ. Koryo 2-3 times. 1st time, normal speed. 2nd time, slow with feedback. 3rd+ time, with full speed and power.
  2. Sam, Mike, Nathan: Offensive combinations, and counters.
  3. Mr. Sam instructing Mike on the knees. Drill it.
  4. Sam & Nathan leg kicking
  5. Burnouts (include knees, Sam & Nathan

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