Sunday, February 20, 2005

Training Diary 2/19/05

Participants: Nathan, Mike

Worked on the following:
Ducking (basic), without weaving/bobbing:
Use this with the hooks & overhands, remember to bend at the knees, not at the waist. If you bend the knees, you have balance for footwork, countering, and have vision of your opponent. If you bend at the waist, you are off-balance.

Drilled combinations:
1 1-2
Concentration on the lead-hook (3)

a couple of rounds of jab vs. jab
Then lead hand vs. lead hand
Then lead hand (Nathan) vs. both hands (Mike)
and straight right (Nathan) vs. both hands.

Shifting Footwork:
The small movement, usually laterally, that lets you make the opponent miss, while keeping you in range to counter. Those little movements mean you have an angle on your opponent that gives you an opening.

Covering fire while moving in range:
Keep firing while moving around the opponent to keep him off balance or create openings via the attack or create an opening by moving into position. Cover the eyes, if possible.

Why not slip inside without countering:
You'll get hit with the counter-right. Don't want that.

Don't get out of position:
Keep your basic stance. Move your feet to maintain it. Otherwise your defenses won't work.

High, then low combinations:

Next week:
  • Defensive stop-hits
  • More combinations
  • Timing of attacks and counters
  • Defending the knee (including wrestling for inside position of the clinch)
  • Snap-back defense

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