Tuesday, June 08, 2004

6/5/04 Training Diary for Mike

Several observations
1. You have guts to punch me in the head 3 times in a row! I am smiling as I write this. I am enjoying having you as a student and training partner. I can speak for Mr. Sam in this 'cause he's said the same.
2. Your conditioning has improved, or you're just less nervous about sparring. Either way, this was the first time I've done head contact with you and I was very please.
3. We all need to work on throwing the lead hook and keeping the rear hand up as a guard. It should cross and protect the left side.
4. As I said Saturday, practice moving laterally while keeping your defensive stance aimed at your partner. In other words, don't turn around or you'll have no defense and get killed!
5. Practice punching then angling off, or clearing by stepping off to the side. You never want to attack, then just back straight up. It'll also get you clocked.
Good work...

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