Tuesday, June 08, 2004

6/5/04 Training Diary for Sam

Was a good training.
Here is what we focused on.

Reviewed back, side, then front ukemi (breakfall). - On this, you need to concentrate on a couple of things:
1. Keep your chin down on your chest during all of them.
2. Relax more. Slam the mat when you slap down, and make it more natural. The tape will help.
3. Do not try to roll into a standing position yet. My senseis have emphasised that you need to walk before you can run...

-I noticed from observation Saturday, and from reviewing tapes of past training that you end up out of position a lot. In other words, your lead leg may sometimes be in the front, or parallel to the right leg. You seem to be stepping through.
Also when moving backwards, you "walk", instead of shuffling sometime.
-We all need more work on ducking hooks for it to become a reflex. I noticed when you were sparring that you were more focused on offense than on ducking.
We will all drill blocking and ducking more. Mike needs to work on the ducking part.

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