Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NOT Self Defense

'Chilling' testimony as homeowner charged for shooting intruders

What do you think.


R. William Ayres said...

This is so far beyond self defense it's hard to know where to start. It's clear that the law is going to put this fellow away for a long time, and that will be a good thing.

Far more reasonable is the position staked out by Dan Djurdjevic in his blog, The Way of Least Resistance - aggression of any kind should only be used as a "regrettable necessity" and only with as much force as is necessary. There is no way to morally argue that the crime of breaking a window and entering a home to steal a few things should be punished by immediate death.

Sadly, I've seen some of the attitudes expressed by this shooter occasionally among my students (not my martial arts students, but my university students). People can become remarkably cavalier about guns and killing. A hardened (and wise) police officer told me years ago that every shooting has two victims - the target and the one who pulled the trigger. Or as he put it, "one shot, two go down." Once you shoot someone in anger - especially if you kill them - your life is changed forever, and not for the better.

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John W. Zimmer said...

It sure seems like overkill. I'd hate to go by news accounts though. A trial will bring out the details.

We have the same standard in CA. If you do more than needed - you are on the hook as it is not legal.

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Ed said...

The story shows how desperate drug users are. When are the drug companies going to be shut down for selling their poison? About the legal issues the homeowner has, I don't know. That could come down to how sympathetic the jury is. Even if he goes to prison he will probably get an appeal.